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6-Book Set: Fons Vitae Merton Annual Volumes 17-22


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ON SALE NOW: This 6-volume set of Fons Vitae’s Merton Annual collection begins with volume #17, the first of the volumes published by Fons Vitae, through volume #22.

The Merton Annual publishes articles about Thomas Merton and about related matters of major concern to his life and work. Its purpose is to enhance Merton’s reputation as a writer and monk, to continue to develop his message for our times, and to provide a regular outlet for substantial Merton-related scholarship. The Merton Annual includes as regular features, reviews, review-essays, a bibliographic survey, interviews, and first appearances of unpublished or obscurely published Merton materials, photographs and art.  Essays about related literary and spiritual matters are also considered.

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The Merton Annual is the best resource for literature that reflects on issues of spirituality, religion and culture within the global perspectives afforded by Thomas Merton's literary and artistic legacy. With scholarship that discerningly examines Merton's continuing role in forming the conscience of twenty-first century readers, the Annual clears paths we can walk upon to enhance our active, every day contemplative lives.
Jonathan Montaldo, The Merton Institute for Contemplative Living
With its unique combination of rare primary source material, interviews, a wide variety of articles and thorough coverage of recent publications, The Merton Annual continues to be an indispensable source of information, insight and inspiration for anyone interested in Tomas Merton's life and work and in his ongoing significance and influence.
Patrick F. O'Connell, Editor, The Merton Seasonal
Thomas Merton, monk and author, has entered into legend. The Merton Annual, with its blend of scholarship, witness, interpretation, and review, embodies the need to engage with Merton in his singularity, not as a legend but as a seeker and prophet of our time with whom the grand, precise dialogue continues.
Roger Lipsey, author of Angelic Mistakes: The Art of Thomas Merton
Thomas Merton was truly a renaissance man and the wide ranging scholarship on Merton's life and thought published in The Merton Annual witnesses eloquently to this. It is truly as multifaceted as Thomas Merton himself.
Dr. Paul M Pearson, Director and Archivist, Thomas Merton Center