Besides Quranic commentaries by Ibn Ajiba and Ja’far as-Sadiq, Fons Vitae is publishing the tafasir series with Jordan’s Royal Aal al-Bayt Institute. Following the recent Maybudi’s Kashf al-Asrar, translated by William Chittick is al-Qushayri’s lata’if al- isharat by Kristin Sands. In jurisprudence, we published the English translation of the foundational work, “Islamic Law according to the Four Schools”. From our hadith collection, the “Spiritual Teachings of the Prophet: Hadith with Commentaries by Saints and Sages of Islam” is a remarkable collection of 234 hadith as understood by the likes of al-Ghazali and Jilani. The shama’il Tirmidhi follows shortly – “The Portrait of the Prophet as seen by his Contemporaries”. Within this category are to be found works on Islam in general, its history, the Holy Cities, Islam in Tibet, Motherhood and the Virgin Mary in Islam.

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