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The Merton Annual Volume 18 – Monastic Awareness, Liturgy, and Art


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“The many pieces gathered here conjoin to reflect both [Merton’s] formation as an artist and his monastic development which parallel movements within Catholic artistic circles during the years Merton lived he Cistercian life (1941-1968).” From the introduction by Victor A. Kramer.

The Merton Annual publishes articles about Thomas Merton and about related matters of major concern to his life and work. Its purpose is to enhance Merton’s reputation as a writer and monk, to continue to develop his message for our times, and to provide a regular outlet for substantial Merton-related scholarship. The Merton Annual includes as regular features, reviews, review-essays, a bibliographic survey, interviews, and first appearances of unpublished or obscurely published Merton materials, photographs and art.  Essays about related literary and spiritual matters are also considered.

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  • 2005
  • 9781887752854
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The Merton Annual Volume 18 – Monastic Awareness, Liturgy, and Art
                        • Victor A. Kramer. “Introduction: Monastic Awareness, Liturgy and Art: The Benedictine Tradition in Relation to Merton’s Growing Artistic Interests.” 7-10.
                        • Thomas Merton. “‘Three Prayers’ Written for Frank Kacmarcik.” 11-14.
                        • Thomas Merton. “‘The Monk and Sacred Art’ (1956); and ‘Art and Worship’ (1959).” Edited by Glenn Crider and Victor A. Kramer. 14-21.
                        • Kevin Seasoltz. “Frank Kacmarcik and the Cistercian Architectural Tradition.” 22-32.
                        • Charlotte Anne Zalot. “A Merton Connection: Frank Kacmarcik, OblSB, Monk and Artist. (1920-2004).” 33-58.
                        • Eric Hollas, Daniel Durken and Stefanie Weisgram. “Three Comments about Benedictine Monastic Community Reading.” 59-64.
                        • Ernesto Cardenal. “Remarks Following a 2004 Poetry Reading.” Transcribed and Edited by Dennis Beach with an Introduction by Patrick Hart and a Note by Corey Shouse.65-71.
                        • Anthony Feuerstein. “A Discovery: Thomas Merton’s Poetry As Art Song; Compositions by Bryan Beaumont Hays, OSB: A Bibliographical Note.” 72-76.
                        • Methodius Telnack. “‘Unadorned Ideal’: An Interview in Two Parts with Methodius Telnack.” Conducted Victor A. Kramer and Glenn Crider by  77-95.
                        • Dewey Weiss Kramer. “Contemporary Architectural Witness to the Lived Cistercian Ideal: The Abbey Churches of Gethsemani and Conyers.” 96-108.
                        • Michael Griffith. “Thomas Merton on William Blake: ‘To Look Through Matter Into Eternity’.” 109-126.
                        • Jeffrey A Cooper. “Divining the Inscaped-Landscape: Hopkins, Merton and the Ascent to the True Self.” 127-139.
                        • Malgorzata Poks. “Encounter in a Secret Country: Thomas Merton and Jorge Carrera Andrade.”  140-166.
                        • Marilyn Sunderman. “Jewels Upon His Forehead: Spiritual Vision in the Poetry and Photography of Thomas Merton.” 167-188.
                        • Ross Keating. “Wisdom, Sapiential Poetry, and Personalism: Exploring Some of Thomas Merton’s Ideas for Values Education.” 189-204.
                        • Chris Orvin. “The Conflict Not Yet Fully Faced: Thomas Merton as Reader in His Journals.” 205-236.
                        • Paul M. Pearson. “A Monk With the Spiritual Equipment of an Artist: The Art of Thomas Merton.” 237-259.
                        • Roger Lipsey. “Do I Want A Small Painting? The Correspondence of Thomas Merton and Ad Reinhardt: An Introduction and Commentary.” 260-314.
                        • Glenn Crider and Paul M. Pearson. “Art in The Merton Annual, Volumes 1-5.” A Bibliographic Note and Compilation. 315-317.
                        • Malgorzata Poks. “Reading Merton from the (Polish) Margin: 2004 Bibliographic Survey.” 318-348.
                        • Victor A. Kramer. Rev. of In the Dark Before Dawn: New Selected Poems of Thomas Merton edited by Lynn R. Szabo. 349-352.
                        • Patrick F. O’Connell.  Rev. of A Year With Thomas Merton: Daily Meditations From His Journals. Selected and Edited by Jonathan Montaldo. 352-355.
                        • Additional reviews by Christine M. Bochen, Joy A. Schroeder, Dana Greene, Glenn Crider, Angus F. Stuart and William H. Shannon.
      Grateful acknowledgement is expressed to the Merton Legacy Trust and the Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University for permission to reproduce the calligraphy of Thomas Merton for the cover artwork.


This gathering of articles about relationships between liturgical art and monasticism, Merton's influence upon other artists, as well as his own sustained poetic development demonstrates once again how his artistic and cultural interests melded into appreciation of all the world. We are indeed fortunate that the world of Merton scholarship keeps being mined so successfully.
Victor A. Kramer, Editor, The Merton Annual
It is amazing that The Merton Annual continues to appear after all these years. With 18 consecutive years of publication it indicates that Thomas Merton's writings still attract a wide readership. The current issue concerned mainly with Merton's views on art and poetry is no exception. It is fascinating in its insights and depth of scholarship.
Patrick Har, OCSO, is currently General Editor of a new Monastic Wisdom Series of books published by Cistercian Publications.
A note about the cover illustration: Ink drawing by Thomas Merton, ca. 1963-64. The motif is the traditional Zen enso, or brush-drawn circle, with which Merton had become familiar through the writings of his friend and mentor, D. T. Suzuki, and through reproductions of classic Zen scrolls. "The work of art springs 'out of emptiness,'" Merton once wrote, "and is transferred in a flash, by a few brush strokes, to paper."
Roger Lipsey, Angelic Mistakes: The Art of Thomas Merton (Shambhala, 2006)