Symbolism, Sacred Art, Metaphysics

These three aspects of the great faith traditions underlie and re-enforce the spiritual message and doctrine of each. The importance of sacred art, symbolism and metaphysics cannot be underestimated, for these clarify the deeper and archetypal realities of human existence and the spiritual methodologies for the Return to the Divine, or to the Centre. Titles illuminating these themes range from Shakespeare’s spiritual methodology to sacred alchemy, from the “Symbolism of the Ark” and “Water:Its Spiritual Significance” to the “Sacred Origin of Sports and Culture”. A truly foundational and illustrated work is the translation from the Latin of a work by the 13th Century Dean of Chartres Cathedral explaining the symbolism of the early church, its structure in detail, decoration, sacred vestments and sacraments, “The Rationale Divinorum Officiorum”.

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