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The Merton Annual Volume 19 – The Tradition of Prayer and Social Awareness


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The ten carefully expanded essays … open up many possibilities for renewed thinking about Merton. Being grounded in a “Spirit of Simplicity,” as the essay by Dekar reminds us, led Merton rather naturally to he engagement of his Cold War Letters. Developing the habit of raising questions while still an undergraduate, this continuing mode of inquiry by Merton is affirmed in the two essays by Harford and Herron. Confronting how one is to be engaged in the contemporary world, yet remaining grounded in tradition, the essays by Hunter and Miller demonstate that Merton’s engagement always remained rooted in Truth. The good of society remains at the base of Merton’s impulses, whether he is writing about peace and war or about non-violence. … War, Hatred, Ecological Awareness, as examined in these essays, are subjects grounded in a continual seeking of God.” — From the Introduction by Victor A. Kramer.

The Merton Annual publishes articles about Thomas Merton and about related matters of major concern to his life and work. Its purpose is to enhance Merton’s reputation as a writer and monk, to continue to develop his message for our times, and to provide a regular outlet for substantial Merton-related scholarship. The Merton Annual includes as regular features, reviews, review-essays, a bibliographic survey, interviews, and first appearances of unpublished or obscurely published Merton materials, photographs and art.  Essays about related literary and spiritual matters are also considered.

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  • 2006
  • 9781887752919
  • 465

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The Merton Annual Volume 19 – The Tradition of Prayer and Social Awareness


The Merton Annual is a wonderful resource for scholars, aficionados, and all those interested in the life and thought of Thomas Merton. In this volume, readers will find article after article that testify to the extraordinary depth, diversity and richness of Merton's thought which continues to be mined almost forty years after his untimely death.
Dr. Paul M. Pearson, President of the International Thomas Merton Society and Director of the Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University
The core of this impressive gathering developed from the 2005 General Meeting of the International Thomas Merton Society in San Diego. Pointed addresses by Fathers John Eudes Bamberger, who knew Merton exceedingly well, and by John Dear, who follows Merton's footsteps as prophet, establish the tone about contemporary revolutions of peace and justice. Ten precise essays, edited by Subsection Editor David Belcastro, penetrate the heart of Merton's prophetic message. Other comparative studies - including an overlooked letter as well as rich surveys of scholarship and book reviews - demonstrate, once more, Merton's gifts of seeing, speaking, and inspiring today's readers.
Victor A. Kramer, Editor, The Merton Annual
A note on the cover illustration: Thomas Merton, untitled brush drawing, mid-1960s. Merton's questing spirit is evident in this immensely dynamic image. Its remote inspiration is almost certainly the Zen enso - the traditional brush-drawn circle practiced especially by priests and poets in which they conveyed their understanding at that moment of an aspect of truth. In Merton's hands, the compact circle takes flight as a powerful bird, soaring over the world yet, through its downward glance, acknowledging its link with all it sees.
Roger Lipsey, author of Angelic Mistakes: The Art of Thomas Merton