Journey to the Unknown


Beautifully illustrated by the renowned artist Demi, this small biography is difficult to put down. It is for the whole family to read out loud together. It demonstrates how any of us can succeed against all odds by holding onto the inner strength that we all have.

We witness seeming misfortunes, disappointments and trials that are endured with a trust in what is True. This is not just a life story but the tale of a miraculous journey – a journey that we are all on. It informs us of a way that we can all BE!

  • 9781891785702
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Product Description

Imagine being a small boy in China who loses his family and all means of sustenance. Imagine tying to find a job and a way to become educated all on your own!

What would it be like if people mistreated you dreadfully and you were only offered work wherein all your honor and dignity would be lost?

Here is the story of a small boy who against all odds remained true to his heart, which is an inspiration to a person of any age!