The Ghazali Children's Project

Al-Ghazali The Book of Knowledge for Children

The Book of Knowledge is said to contain the entire Ihya. Imam al-Ghazali’s teachings and metaphors are presented in story form for children of any age, but are also suitable for the spiritual lives of both parents and teachers. Themes that are repeated to emphasize their importance in the 40 stories are concerned with: True Learning itself, the purpose of our brief lives, the Two Worlds, Trust in God’s Will, the polishing of the Spiritual Heart through self observation and correction, key virtues and harmful vices, and the responsibility of being a true teacher by putting one’s Knowledge into practice.

“The Imam Ghazali Children’s Series is a gift to our children who deserve a pedagogy of Islam that allows them to develop the innate goodness which God has placed within each human being so they can become moral, kind and happy adults.” – Professor Ingrid Mattson

“This work can help our Muslim children have a more humane and universal understanding of the ethics and teachings of Islam through Imam al-Ghazali. I believe the work is highly relevant and very likely life-altering for those who will be exposed to it early.” -Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

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Product Description

Although al-Ghazali’s Book of Knowledge was directed at a community of theologians, jurisprudents, and scholars, Fons Vitae found his insightful counsels could be usefully adapted for all ages.

The stories in this series are written for older children, but our intention is that parents and teachers read each one and then convey the ideas in such a way that it is clear to a child yet unable to read. Many exercises in the workbooks are designed for small children with guidance from their family. The workbooks also contain material for older children, as well as activities and a curriculum to help reinforce Imam al-Ghazali’s teachings in a practical way.

Please frequent our interactive website:, where children may meet their global brothers and sisters and work together to create a better world. Essay and art competitions will be announced and submissions displayed. A section for parents and teachers invites contributions for further activities and reflections. Useful curriculum updates will regularly be provided. The Series’ books can also be downloaded on this new website where a variety of other resources may be enjoyed as well.


Oh, 1000s all over the world follow your project! It’s a great and beneficial effort. Although I’m not on Facebook, I can read the Ghazali Children Facebook page and see the comments. InshaAllah. I’m from the UK. I have your children’s Ghazali biography which I and my 9-year old son read together. Thank you for this too. InshaAllah, I hope to work with him on your Ghazali Children series of books too. May Allah bless you. Eid greetings. Kind Regards,
Imran U.K.
In today’s modernist world where religion has been stripped of its essential beauty, the need for the Alghazali children’s Project cannot be overstated. Children in th eMiddle East increasingly suffer from the loss of traditional teachings that foster a positive Muslim identity and world-view. The unfortunate state of school curricula pertaining to Islam in the Arab world is one where the shell of religion is taught while its beautiful kernel, the foundation of which is mercy, is discarded. This approach to teaching religion, leaves children in a vulnerable and confused state where they are prone to take extreme positions. Parents across the Middle East are at a loss as to how to teach their children about Islam and are desperately looking for guidance and material that will help them raise productive, ethical and humane adults. the Al-Ghazali Children’s Project provides parents and children with that vital material. Any spiritual curricula must tap into the wisdom of traditional Islam to assist in this challenging era. It is time to return to traditional modes of learning that center around vertical, contemplative reflection that engages the whole personality, namely the intellect and the heart. The Al-Ghazali Children’s project curricula provides the material that will assist parents and children embark on that beautiful journey of the heart towards light and illuminating knowledge.
Aya K. Abuhassan Jordan
After reading the children storybooks and workbooks, my years of worrying about how to teach my children (without persistently nagging them) to be ethical and socially responsible in their actions and their intentions, has been put to ease, God willing. I must also be truthful and let you in on a secret: Sadly, I believe my soul is in more of a need for The Al-Ghazali Children series books even more so than my own children. It is honestly hard to describe what I do feel since reading the books. If I could, then I would say that my inner conscience is suddenly and constantly talking to me, whether it is reminding me of my responsibilities as a mother or of being more cautious of my thoughts and intentions. Whatever it is, I know I could feel my faith increasing.
Noura Elbekkahi Sydney, Australia.
“The Imam Ghazali Children’s series is a gift to our children who deserve a pedagogy of Islam that allows them to develop the innate goodness which God has placed within each human being so they can become moral, kind and happy adults.”
Prof. Ingrid Mattson