Fez, City of Islam


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Fez, City of Islam is undoubtedly one of Titus Burckhardt’s masterpieces. It conveys a profound understanding of the sacred roots that nourish Islamic culture and civilisation. The book relates the teachings, parables and miracles of the saints of many centuries and demonstrates not only the arts and crafts of Islamic civilisation, but also its sciences and administrative skills.

The book is illustrated with 41 color & 17 monochrome plates.

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In Fez, City of Islam, Burckhardt writes of the history of people and its religion-a history that was often violent, often heroic and sometimes holy.

The author’s unique black and white photographs from the 1930s are included. They are pictures of a civilization which no longer exists, and thus they are important historical documents. In addition, for this English language edition, 41 new color illustrations have been specially selected to enhance Burckhardt’s originals.

Fez, City of Islam, is a remarkable book. It is a book of intelligence and metaphysical precision but also of poetry. It is a book of truth and beauty, of science and art and above all, book of piety. Here, text and illustrations come together to provide an insight into how the way the life of a people can be transformed at every level by a religious tradition.

Book Review – A Living Islamic City: Fez and Its Preservation – Samuel Bendeck Sotillos
Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics. Read the REVIEW HERE



"Titus Burckhardt is an authority whose works are a constant source of inspiration...the publication of this book in English is like the unearthing of a great treasure."
Martin Lings