Symbolism, Sacred Art, Metaphysics

The Symbolism of the Ark: Universal Symbolism of the Receptacle of Divine Immanence


Masterfully researched and weaving together strands from traditional metaphysics and symbolism, this work illuminates essential themes that lie at the core of religious expression. A compendium of intellectual and spiritual lore, The Symbolism of the Ark addresses such topics as Transcendence and Immanence, the Center and the Periphery, and the symbolism of numbers, to reveal the unity behind the diversity of religious expression.

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Product Description

Symbolism of the Ark stands as an exemplary work in the exegesis of traditional metaphysics, cosmology and symbolism. It belongs to a scholarly lineage stemming from the pioneering labours of René Guénon and Ananda Coomaraswamy, and offers metaphysical insights worthy of Frithjof Schuon.

In a field of study all too often tyrannized by both historicism and textual criticism, Symbolism of the Ark is almost unique in offering an exegesis rooted in those traditional typologies concerned with the deepest meanings of Scripture. It deals with these subjects in a style that is clear, concise and eloquent. The reader will be enriched by the provocative and convincing interpretations of well known biblical stories.

Moreover one cannot help but marvel at the consistency of the universal symbolism explored. Symbolism of the Ark will challenge common conceptions of the depth of biblical interpretation and offer real insights for the reader seriously engaged in intellectual and spiritual growth.


Timothy Scott's Symbolism of the Ark, is a superb piece of work, and its interpretation of the Traditional school and other related authorities is at once comprehensive and subtle. The observations and insights of this book are uniformly convincing, and my own perception has been profoundly transformed. When it comes to metaphysics Dr. Scott does much more than repeat what an author such as Schuon has said about the relationship between Principle and Manifestation; he enters intuitively into the Schounian perspective itself, weaving a path through an incredible variety and range of material with great dexterity. Symbolism of the Ark is clear, convincing, provocative and a pleasure to read.
Professor James S. Cutsinger (Ph.D., Harvard), Professor of Theology and Religious Thought, University of South Carolina.