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(35% Discount) Reclaiming Beauty for the Good of the World: Muslim & Christian Creativity as Moral Power


Here is a truly fresh approach to interfaith dialogue: through the creativity of artists inspired by their Muslim or Christian faith, and through the creative lives of people who give a human face to the beauty at the core of both faiths.

Relying on the transformative power of art, the narrative allows us to move beyond our political and theological differences, propelling us toward a unique level of awareness, one that embraces a common vision of a world bathed in the light of beauty. This book has been described as a sincere searching and profound exploration of the profound message embodied in all that is beautiful, and in all unlovely things, that beauty transfigures; here, Christian speaks to Muslim and Muslim to Christian, heart to heart. The cover image is the dome in the courtyard of the Mosque of the Ascension, atop the Mount of Olives, marks the spot where Muslims and Christians believe that Jesus ascended into heaven. Christians keeps vigil here when celebrating this feast. Nearby is the modern Church of the Ascension and the shadow of the minaret is seen upon this monument.

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Product Description

The book is divided into three Parts.
-Part One shows the centrality of God’s Beauty in both faiths.
-Part Two presents the sacred arts of both religions, with special attention to contemporary Christian and Muslim artists’ honoring of God’s Beauty.
-Part Three focuses on Christians’ and Muslims’ honoring of God’s Beauty in their behavior. Again, we focus on contemporary examples.
-After each Part we include a dialogue between a representative Christian and Muslim in which the two religions reflect, honestly and joyfully, on their similarities and differences.


For those weary of the often tedious verbiage of Christian-Muslim dialogue, this lovely volume provides a lyrical adventure into the world of religious art. Can we discover to- gether, ask the authors, how the art and architecture, painting and poetry of our respec- tive traditions help us understand the divine not only within ourselves but also within each other? Rich in both classical and contemporary illustration, this work imagines how art in its many forms might inspire a dialogue of mutual appreciation and commonality far from the theological entanglements that often thwart the possibility of deep interfaith engagement. A well researched, beautifully presented and completely delicious treat.
— Jane Smith, Harvard Divinity School Reclaiming Beauty for the Good of the World: