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The Sunna Project is the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation’s flagship project. It seeks to assemble of the entirety of hadith literature—that is, the literature comprising narrations of the sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad . A select group of scholars of hadith are engaged in preparing definitive editions of hadith collections. This has involved the identification, study, and careful comparison of manuscripts from libraries and museums around the world.

  1. The first publication of the Sunna Project’s ongoing Hadith Encyclopedia is an eighteen-volume set comprising of the six canonical hadith collections (BukhariSahih MuslimSunan Abi DawudJamie Al TirmithiSunan Al NisaiSunan Ibn Majah) and the Muwatta of Imam Malik ibn Anas.
  2. The second installment consists of a new fourteen-volume edition of the Musnad of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, containing tens of hadith that have not appeared in any previous printed edition of the work, but which are present in the earliest and most reliable manuscripts.
  3. The third installment comprises fully revised editions of the Sunan of Ibn Majah and Muwatta of Imam Malik, compiled from the earliest manuscript sources and editions of the Musnad Humaidi, the Sunan Al-Darimi, the Sunan Al-Darqutni, and the Mu‘ajam As-Saghir of Imam Al-Tabarani.



The printed edition of the Hadith Encyclopedia is supplemented by the International Hadith Studies Association Network website (IHSANetwork) at: — which allows for the full text of the printed edition to be accessed and searched according to various criteria.

The Hadith Books are available at the following links: For Europe/North America buyers: — For Egypt and Middle East buyers:

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The Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation is a non-profit academic organisation founded to support and advance the protection, preservation and study of the Islamic intellectual and artistic heritage. It specialises in scholarly publishing, fine book design, and the care and management of manuscript collections.

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Another project of the Foundation is The Islamic Manuscript Association:

The Islamic Manuscript Association is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting Islamic manuscript collections and supporting those who work with them. It was formed in response to the urgent need to address the poor preservation and inaccessibility of many Islamic manuscript collections around the world.