Merton & Indigenous Wisdom

“We owe an enormous debt to the Indians, and we should begin by recognizing the spiritual richness of the Indian religious genius. There is great hope for the world in the spiritual emancipation of the Indians.” – Thomas Merton, The Courage for Truth. Letter to Pablo Antonio Cuadra, 1958
“The essays included in this 7th volume of the Fons Vitae Merton Series, serve as spiritual exercises for exploring Merton’s globally inclusive religious imagination, helping us to drink from springs of ancient views and practices. They help us to not only recognize the damage of European colonization, but to taste indigenous American wisdom as a still-living sacrament for our collective salvation.” – Jonathan Montaldo, General Editor
“Merton & Indigenous Wisdom is a long overdue examination of Thomas Merton’s interest in and concern for Indigenous peoples. Throughout the book the reader hears Merton’s historical voice, spiritual voice and prophetic voice educating us, stirring our conscience and calling us to action.” – Robert Toth, Executive Director (ret), Merton Institute for Contemplative Living

MERTON & INDIGENOUS WISDOM Edited by Peter Savastano