Fons Vitae Global Outreach Initiative: Love from Louisville needs your help!

The refugees are homeless, helpless, and hungry. They have lost their families, their countries, their dignity.

The hearts of our Compassionate City have been moved by the images of refugees attempting to arrive by boat or even swim to the nearest shores of Greece. Thousands of refugees are stranded and crammed in camps outside Athens and on nearby Greek Islands.

LoveFromLouisvilleLove from Louisville needs our help! From now until Wednesday March 22nd, they are accepting donations to send to refugees staying in Greece. UPS, at the request of Mayor Fischer, has generously offered to fly emergency items by air. But the refugees will need much more, and we need your help to fill a container to send by ship. This will include your donations, medical supplies donated by Supplies Over Seas, as well as dry food.

Download a flier here to share with your friends.

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