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Booksets for Ghazali Volumes 1 and 2


Special Ghazali Children’s Book Set Pricing

$125.00 plus postage

Special package pricing that includes 6 books + instructional DVD

Besides the adult companion volumes, this substantive children’s educational package has 576 pages itself, which includes school curricula and activities for each chapter.

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Product Description

Reviving the Islamic Spirit

Al – Ghazali

The Ghazali Children’s Books and adult versions of Books I and II of the Ihya are now combined at a special price for the full EDUCATIONAL PACKAGE.

It includes the following:

Book of Knowledge

Adult – Book of Knowledge

The Children’s Book of Knowledge along with the DVD, introducing the material being taught.

The Children’s Book of Knowledge Workbook

Book of Belief

Adult – The Principles of the Creed.

The Children’s Book of Belief

The Children’s Workbook of Belief

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