NEW TITLE – JUST PUBLISHED: The Quest For Who We Are: Modern Psychology and the Sacred


The Quest For Who We Are – Modern Psychology and the Sacred by Samuel Bendeck Sotillos

The cures for the spirit … have been discovered by the ancients; but it is our task to learn the method and the time of treatment.” – Seneca

There is no technique used in Western therapy that is not also found in other cultures.” – E. Fuller Torrey

Book details:

Psychology today is in a state of confusion. It has failed to understand our true human identity and to provide a satisfactory answer to the perennial question: “Who AM I?”. The scope of present-day mental health treatment has been reduced to purely profane considerations, ignoring the fullness of what it means to be human, and neglecting the sacred dimension of life altogether. Due to mainstream psychology’s rejection of its metaphysical roots, our relationship with other sentient beings and the natural world has been fractured, which has brought devastating consequences to our lives. In the interest of developing more holistic modes of therapeutic treatment, we need to restore the traditional notion of a “science of the soul” as it has been known since the earliest times across the diverse spiritual cultures of humanity.

“This fine book by Samuel Bendeck Sotillos is an effective bridge-builder, connecting the confusing domain of psychology—‘knowledge of the psyche’—to the liberating realm of pneumatology—‘knowledge of the Spirit.’” – Reza Shah-Kazemi

“It offers a robust critique of modern psychology’s assault on religion and the sacred. With acumen, rigor and a wealth of illustrations, Samuel Bendeck Sotillos demonstrates how only a ‘science of the soul’—based on transcendent principles of a metaphysical order—can provide serious answers to the manifold crises of our times.” – Patrick Laude

“Sotillos brilliantly unites our contemporary understanding of the self with ancient spiritual wisdom, and challenges epistemological biases in the field of psychology.” – Abdallah Rothman

“Samuel Bendeck Sotillos diagnoses the malaise of the modern world as a fundamental disconnect between personal egoistic consciousness and the true spiritual nature of reality.” – Kabir Helminski

“The Personality, or pure Spirit, is in no way subject to individual personality, which is but its reflection, or to the conditions that determine the self. Even in its relations with the self, the Personality remains unaffected by any individual modifications, which are wholly contingent and not exigent to the Personality, inasmuch as they all proceed from divine essence, as from a single seed.” – Meister Eckhart

“Out of this myriad mosaic of [the spiritual traditions] emerges a pattern of the human personality in the cosmos that is unerringly consistent, clear, and struck through with a resonance infallible in its ever renewed reverberations of the one same Reality.” – Whitall N. Perry