The Ghazali Children’s Project is Now Live

The new GHAZALI Children’s website is now LIVE! Check it out and please share. It has 2 main areas: 1) The Children’s area is packed full with contests, core teachings, books, videos & interactive resources. 2) The Parents & Teachers area includes curricula, pilot schools info, book, news updates, videos, forums & more… #ghazalichildren #truelearning

“This work is nothing less than a revolution in developing humane, ethical, and committed Muslim youth. Imam al-Ghazali is the “Proof of Islam”, and these teachings, presented in a beautiful life- affirming way, will prove to be a major shift in the way Islam is taught to young people, who are in desperate need of guidance in today’s confusing times. As a community, we owe much to Fons Vitae for bringing them to fruition. Let the transformation begin!” – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Zaytuna College & Fons Vitae Ghazali Children’s Project

“You can’t teach children the truth. They will recognize truth. We just have to provide ways for them to polish their hearts.” – Gray Henry, Fons Vitae Ghazali Children’s Project

“My whole outlook on Islam would have been so much healthier and whole if I had these resources as a child. This project is so important for us to support as a community, especially for those who are parents or will be parents soon. S. Gray Henry and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf have worked very hard on this and we owe our support.” -Tarek El Messidi, Celebrate Mercy]]