Revelation of the Mystery

Carl W. Ernst
Reynold A. Nicholson


Like Rumi, Hafiz and Attar, al-Hujwiri was one of the great saints of Sufism. Revelation of the Mystery, or Kashf al-mahjub, has been revered by students of Sufism for nine centuries. This classic text contains biographies of the saints, including Fudayl, the brigand who became a great spiritual teacher; Ibrahim Adham, the prince who renounced everything when he received the divine call; and al-Hallaj, the great Sufi martyr. Al-Hujwiri also offers the spiritual seeker universal and timeless advice on many subjects, such as contemplation, generosity, spiritual courtesy, prayer, love and distinguishing false spirituality and false teachers from the real, a discernment just as important today as then.

By Al-Hujwiri
Translated by Reynold A. Nicholson
Foreword By Carl W. Ernst

  • 9781879708143
  • Paperback
  • 472

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“Cognitional gnosis is the foundation of all blessings in this world and in the next, for the most important thing for a man at all times and under all circumstances is knowledge of Allah, Blessed He in Whose hands is Dominion, and He hath power over all things. He Who created Death and Life that He may try mankind that who is the best in deeds. He is the Creator of Heavens and invites to ponder on His signs and see if they are able to find any flaw in His creation. Allah Almighty hath said, “I have only created Jinn and men, that they may serve Me,” and the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “If you knew Allah as He ought to be known, you would walk on the seas, and the mountains would move at your supplication.” Allah has promised rewards for the pious that follows His commands and punishment for the transgressors. His reward is everlasting and so His punishment. The reality of his reward really cannot be ascertained by the intellect. It is eternal life in the next world in His proximity where one won’t find any anguish or grief.

This life is a momentary, rather a testing and trial phase, as He said, who is in doubt concerning it: (Q 34:21), and do you think that you shall enter the Garden without such (trials) as came to those who passed away before you? (Q 2:154). In the prevailing era majority of the mankind has been led astray from the righteous path and have become captivated of their sensual desires. They have not only forgotten that for what purpose they were created but have lowered themselves worse than the level of beasts. This world is a heap of rubbish and a place of dogs and one who lingers there is worse than a dog, for a dog takes what he wants from it and goes, but the lover of the world never gets satisfied and neither he likes leaving it at any time. They always remain in the process of accumulating worldly gains and keep on sitting over them like a snake and remain dipped in its love. Their whole activities are more in resemblance to heedlessness and have forgotten their exalted highest state among the creation. Allah gave him the status of His Deputy on earth and commanded that they should worship Him only. Kashf al-Mahjub is in circulation for the last over ten centuries and its reading has caused millions of hearts to find their way to the Truth.” – Review


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