Thomas Merton Series

We Are Already One

Gray Henry, Jonathan Montaldo, Paul Pearson


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The year 2015 was celebrated worldwide as the Centenary of Thomas Merton, who has influenced literally millions of lives.

Over 100 international contributors, including well-known celebritites such as Richard Rohr, Parker Palmer, Cynthia Beaugeaut, Thomas Moore, Robert Thurman, Huston Smith, Kallistos Ware, Joan Chittister, James Forest, Matthew Fox, Roger Lipsey, Judith Simmer-Brown, and Seyyed Hossein Nasr honor Merton’s centenary by reflecting on the monk and writer’s impact on their lives and careers.

These highly personal, rather than academic, reflections attest to Merton’s continuing importance in the 21st century. Over a quarter of the reflections are by young people which shows that Merton still speaks to a new generation. These profound contributions are deeply thought-provoking, reminding the reader of much he or she has come to understand about life from Merton, and loved about him. This volume is a spiritual treasure, bringing so much full circle: what Merton had to say and how this came to enrich our lives in so many various ways.

Product Description

International contributors celebrate Thomas Merton’s 100th Birthday and honor his legacy of hope that we can recognize and act upon our essential kinship with one another. These reflections illumine how Merton inspired readers of his era and why he will mentor succeeding generations in co-creating a more peaceful and compassionate world.

We Are Already One – Review in the Presence Journal


I was moved by what I read and by the totality of it. There seems a great deal of humble and authentic reflection in it, with Merton as guide and inspiration rather than simply object of admiration. One gets the impression of all of us working hard trying to stay afloat in the same stream of awareness. I think it is a fitting commemorative volume. Thank you for your effort to put it together.
Thomas Del Prete
This book is marvelous, wonderful. Turns like a prism! Readers will want to read every personal reflection between the covers. Thank you for overseeing what I'm sure will become a treasure among Merton readers, especially. I couldn't put it down. And its amazing how all the writer's diverse angles of vision reflect Merton's power as a writer. I'm so glad, too, that the book will include art and photography.
Gray Matthews
What a beautiful "book of life" - it is clearly a list of friends - very moving scanning the text. Excited for the final product.
David Odorisio
I sure love the title of your book! I hope you can get the book out far and wide, beyond the usual Merton suspects.... John Dear
John Dear
I feel greatly edified when I see the 300+ pages filled with personal accounts of how Merton touched our lives and how we all work towards recovering our original unity wherever we are, all over the world.
Malgorzata Poks
The range of writers and the depth of the entries make for a truly amazing Centenary publication. Your work will be of interest for years to come.
Mary Somerville
Thanks so much for all of this incredible work on a volume that is going to be so welcome, appreciated, loved and respected. I cannot wait to hold it in my hands and read each contribution carefully.
Anne McCormick
I completely agree about the excellence of the Fons Vitae volume that you have so carefully and lovingly prepared.
Peggy Fox
Thank you for this fine contribution to Merton studies.
Richard Rohr
The volume looks splendid. Can't think of anyone who has contributed more to keeping Merton's life and work before the public than you have. Much congratulations and many blessings.
J.S. Porter
Just had the draft printed off: magnificent!
Donald Grayston
Thank you for all your work and inspiring in bringing this book to form. It awes me! I am full of joy at being invited after reading many of the others.
Lynn Szabo
Many thanks for this. What a great volume!
Gary C. Hall
Thank you for all your work on this - it is a wonderful collection, and I am so looking forward to the finished product, and to ordering a second copy to send to brother in England - for obvious reasons!
Angus Stuart
The reason I believe this book is of such great importance is because it, more than anything else, gave me an insight into Merton and what that wonderful mind of his was trying to unravel for the folks like me. The Academicians, The Scholars and The Intellectuals, I am certain, have little or no difficulty reading him. However the vast majority of us ordinary folks, stumbling around trying to make sense of a crazy world through ecclesiastical guidance systems need basic introduction into his expressions and direction and "We are Already One" does it, at least for me.
Bill Hogan