Thomas Merton Series

The Merton Annual Volume 29

Deborah Pope Kehoe, Joseph Quinn Raab


The Merton Annual publishes articles about Thomas Merton and about related matters of major concern to his life and work. Its purpose is to enhance Merton’s reputation as a writer and monk, to continue to develop his message for our times, and to provide a regular outlet for substantial Merton-related scholarship. The Merton Annual includes as regular features, reviews, review-essays, a bibliographic survey, interviews, and first appearances of unpublished or obscurely published Merton materials, photographs and art.  Essays about related literary and spiritual matters will also be considered.

  • 9781891785955
  • 2016
  • 285

Product Description


Cover Illustration: In mid-May 1963, Merton wrote in his journal, "Marvelous vision of the hills...The same hills as always...but now catching the light in a totally new way, at once very earthly and very ethereal, with delicate cups of shadow and dark ripples and crinkles where I had never seen them, and the whole slightly veiled in mist so that it seemed to be...a new discovered continent." What need of another caption to the subtle print from the hermitage years on the cover of this volume?
Roger Lipsey, author of "Angelic Mistakes: The Art of Thomas Merton"