Mary the Blessed Virgin of Islam


Why do Muslims revere the Virgin Mary? This book throws light on the reasons for the importance of Mary as a spiritual figure in Islam.

It provides the background for an understanding of her symbolic importance to Muslim men and women, both as an individual and together with her son Jesus. It poses such questions as: Is Mary to be regarded not only as the highest woman in all creation, but is she also to be counted among the prophets who received revelation?

Product Description

The traditional scholarly discussions about Mary’s life and characteristics, from the perspective of Sunni Islam in the classical period which took place over the centuries in regions stretching from Central Asia to Spain, provide a fascinating debate on the subject, of interest to Muslims as well as non-Muslims and those concerned with comparative religion, interfaith dialogue and women’s studies.


"Christians often find it curious that Mary figures so prominently in the Qur’an and in Muslim spiritual life. She is seen as the faithful servant of the Lord who allows God’s Word to bring Jesus to life in her miraculously, and so give the world a prophet whom Muslims revere. This work shows in inspiring detail the manner in which Muslim life and practice brings Mary to life as a faithful servant of the one God."
—David Burrell, C.S.C. Hesburgh Professor of Philosophy and Theology University of Notre Dame
"As a Catholic priest it quite surprised me to find that it was the sacred words found in the Qur’an of Islam that provided me with what I was yearning to know about the Blessed Mary. As one who seeks to make the role of the Blessed Mary better known, the Qur’an brought home to me the gifts of this amazing creature. It is very beautiful to know that when any Muslim mentions Mary, he or she always refers to her as, ‘Our Lady Mary – May the peace of God be upon her.’ In this important book, Mary has been described as possessing ‘the perfection of human spiritual attainment’ and as being ‘amongst the first group of prophets to enter Paradise.’ She is ‘preferred above the women of all nations and all times and of those in Paradise.’ The book emphasizes that she is ‘a spiritual example for mankind.’"
—Fr. Vernon Robertson The Oratory of Our Lady and Saint Phillip, Louisville, Kentucky