Hisham Mahmoud

Hisham Mahmoud has studied the Islamic sciences of theology, hadith, legal theory, jurisprudence, ethics, and Qur’anic recitation with scholars in Mauritania, Morocco, and Spain, as well as Arabic and its ancillary sciences with scholars in Egypt, where he focused on the disciplines of grammar, morphology, and rhetoric, and he continues to read in the Islamic sciences with his teachers in the United States.

He has edited several scholarly works on issues pertaining to theology, hadith, jurisprudence, and ethics. His first published work is entitled, “A Portrait of the Prophet,” which is a translation of one of the most important compilations of the Prophet Muhammad’s personal qualities. He has lectured internationally on the Islamic sciences and on world religions. He also serves as an Editorial Board member of Fons Vitae and as the Executive Editor for Sandala Publications.

Currently, Hisham Mahmoud is a Lecturer at Harvard University and has previously taught at Princeton University, Yale, and Middlebury.