Symbolism, Sacred Art, Metaphysics

The Secret of Shakespeare: His Greatest Plays Seen in the Light of Sacred Art


Shakespeare’s essential greatness is clarified by placing his plays in the broad context of sacred art and showing his preoccupation with the quest for human perfection and the mystery of sanctification.

  • 9781870196154
  • Hardback
  • 224

Product Description

Martin Lings clarifies the essential greatness of Shakespeare by focusing our attention on the total impact his best plays make on us when acted. For this purpose he concentrates on the texts and their theatrical rendering, in such a way as to transmit to us, at the same time, a powerful impression of Shakespeare the man, such as perhaps no other book can give us.


In The Secret of Shakespeare, Martin Ling "says more to reveal the quintessence of Shakespeare’s greatness than the most laborious exposition could ever do."
– Kathleen Raine