Ghazali Children’s Project Launched Throughout the World!


Our project has been greeted throughout the world with heartfelt enthusiasm and warmth.  As an update please watch the video below which will introduce you to a series of launches of the Ghazali Children’s Project, first with a focus in Morocco and then the highlights of launches in Indonesia, Canada, England and America.

International Ghazali Children’s project launches at: Sama’a Congress, Morocco; RIS conference, Toronto; ISNA in Chicago; Zaytuna College Ghazali Congress, Berkeley; Nahdatul-Ulema and Global Unity Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia; Bradford Literature Festival; Cambridge Muslim College, Cambridge, UK; Yusuf Islam’s (Cat Stevens) Islamia Schools, London, UK; and at the American Islamic College, Chicago.We are absolutely delighted and overwhelmed by the reception of this project throughout the world and we pray that the efforts of the entire Community to deepen and balance their inner and outer lives will be greatly rewarding.

Fons Vitae Honored in Morocco

International Ghazali Children Launches