Jane Smith

Jane Smith came to Harvard Divinity School in 2008 from Hartford Seminary, where she was Professor of Islamic Studies, Co-Director of the Macdonald Center for Christian-Muslim Relations and co-editor of The Muslim World journal.
Professor Smith’s teaching and research interests include Islamic movements in America, history of religions, and interfaith dialogue.
Smith is the author of Islam in America (1999, revised 2009); Educating the Muslims of America (co-edited with Farid Senzai and Yvonne Haddad, 2009); Muslims, Christians and the Challenge of Interfaith Dialogue (2007); Muslim Women in America (co-authored with Yvonne Haddad, 2006); Becoming American: Immigration and Religious Life in the United States (co-edited with John Esposito, Yvonne Haddad, Altamira, 2004); and The Islamic Understanding of Death and Resurrection, with Yvonne Y. Haddad. Albany: (1981, revised 2003).