Zaynab’s Night of Destiny


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Experience the audio-immersive world of Zaynab’s Night of Destiny! Commissioned by Commonwealth Theatre Center in Louisville, Kentucky, this innovative new work was crafted specifically for young audiences. Featuring an original score, vivid soundscape, hand painted illustrations, and a read-along performed by the author, this is your chance to be transported with Zaynab into the Sahara as soon as you put on your headphones! Learn more at

Zaynab’s Night of Destiny is a magical journey of perseverance and self-discovery featuring a young Muslim girl living in Louisville, Kentucky. Can Zaynab face her greatest fear and finally discover where she belongs?

When Zaynab Tabreez emigrated from Cairo to Kentucky with her mom she had trouble fitting in. Two years later, Zaynab is still struggling to make friends, so when she gets invited to her first ever slumber party, anything feels possible! There’s only one problem: it’s the last ten days of Ramadan, one of which will be the holiest nights of the year. When her mom says no to the party, Zaynab is so upset she hides in her closet to cry.  Her tears unlock a doorway into the Sahara desert where, ready or not, she begins the quest of a lifetime.

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About the Author: Denmo Ibrahim



About the Illustrator: Hend Al-Mansour




Zaynab’s Night of Destiny

We’re excited to finally share ZAYNAB’S NIGHT OF DESTINY by Denmo Ibrahim with schools! We extend a huge thanks to the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art’s Building Bridges Program, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Fund for the Arts, and the Republic Bank Foundation for making this program possible. In December, we unveiled the very first hard copy of the richly detailed book accompanying the audio immersive and presented it to the students at Newcomer Academy. Aletia Robey, Outreach Programs Manager, kicked off the new year by sending the link to the digital book and audio immersive to all of our partner schools. A recent, generous Louisville/Jefferson County Metro Government Neighborhood Development Fund grant award will allow us to engage even more youth across Louisville, including thousands of elementary and middle school students in 25 local schools. CTC wishes to thank the following Councilmembers for their sponsorship of this production: Jessica Green (District 1), Dr. Barbara Shanklin (District 2), Cassie Chambers Armstrong (District 8), Bill Hollander (District 9), Pat Mulvihill (District 10), Rick Blackwell (District 12), Markus Winkler (District 17), Nicole George (District 21), Madonna Flood (District 24), and Amy Holton Stewart (District 25).