The Checklist for Compassion

The Checklist for Compassion is a collection of art and essays on compassion by public school students in Louisville, Kentucky. Included in the booklet are photos of students play-acting vices (e.g. exclusion and bullying) and then correcting those behaviors. The publication includes over a hundred organizations expressing ways to volunteer compassionately.

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Product Description


The Dalai Lama has stated that for a community to thoroughly embrace compassion, a long-range  and practical plan must be adopted.

Long-range — that’s our school children! And practical, well that’s what this Checklist for Compassion offers in its own small way,  joining our mayor’s Give-A-Day and many other  magnificent and long-range problems.

This Checklist intends to:

  • Demonstrate how our entire school system is not only consciously practicing compassion  but  leading the way by  their inspiring volunteer service in the very categories that we think  of as only for adults!
  • Bring joy to everyone’s hearts by seeing the scope  of how much good  the MANY nonprofits are contributing to our region.
  • Offer each one of you an easy  way to sign-up for enjoyable and suitable service — to volunteer compassionately
  • And further long-range: Compassionate Louisville offers our efforts as a template to all our world’s cities and towns as a way that we may work as one team, raising compassionate future generations and citizens, who are aware of their own community’s needs and address these joyfully.