Jesus Son of Mary in the Quran and According to the Teachings of Ibn Arabi

Edin Q Lohja


The commentary and explanations are largely based on grammatical syntax and complex meanings of Arabic tri-partite roots to show linkages between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Qurʾānic chapters deal with relevant extracts from Ibn Arabi’s Fusus al-hikam and Futuhat al-makkiyya on John the Baptist, Zachariah, the Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, and Mary.

  • 978-1887752-817
  • 432

Product Description

Gloton is a major authority on Ibn ʿArabī studies in French. This book is a summary of his research on the topic of Jesus and Mary in Islam through the Akbarian perspective, using Qurʾānic vocabulary and syntax to explain the multi-layered meanings in the Qurʾān.
The esoteric perspective of Ibn ʿArabī is woven into the text, providing insights into the nature of Jesus and Mary and proving the universality of the three Abrahamic revelations.
A good balance is presented between the esoteric approach and an historical and linguistic analysis of the subject.


An important and theologically-nuanced exploration of Islam’s Jesus, enriched throughout by the author’s deep engagement with the Sufism of Ibn ʿArabī.
Timothy J. Winter, Lecturer in Islamic Studies, University of Cambridge