Alone with The Alone in The Name


This collection of poems asserts that God speaks, so long as there is someone to listen. Urging readers to cast aside the desperate prerogatives of their runaway egos, these poems offer guidance in dissolving the brittle accretions of human personality in order that God might shine through.

The aphorisms contained in this book have been previously published in French as “Seul à Seul dans le Nom” (Editions Caractères, Paris; 2003) and in Spanish as “De Solo a Solo en el Nombre” (José J. de Olañeta Editor, Palma de Mallorca; 2005).

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Product Description

“According to Ibn Arabi, known as the greatest master among the Sufis, the station of Perfect Man, can only be realized by those “who focus themselves on the fullness of reality, which is nothing but the reality of God Himself. That reality is revealed to us only through God’s names, and focusing upon it can only take place through remembrance.”
– William Chittick, SUNY Stony Brook


"The Divine Name must penetrate not only into our psyche, but even into our body. The name is already inseparable from the Divine Spirit. To be in the Name is to be in the Spirit. If we can place ourselves in the Divine Name, we already in the world of the Spirit and in fact the Spirit. The center of the heart is where the Divine Name resides, but it also penetrates into the sole as nothing else can and only It is able to transform the soul and bring about its wedding to the Spirit."
- Dr. Seyyed Hossein Nasr, George Washington University
"This Canticle of the Divine Name is in the pure lineage of mystical poetry. Each text provides a station in which one's spirit may rest."
- Jean Bies, philosopher and author.
"The power of a sacred name can imbue the utterer with the sanctity of the Named, so the invocation of God's name or one of His attributes has long served as an established methodology for spiritual realization. A name of God, divinely revealed legitimately bestowed by a proper spiritual authority and frequenty invoked functions in a direct way to reanimate the Holy Spirit or latent Divine within. When the finite and temporal human heart is rhythmically impressed with a divine name, which by its very nature participates in the infinite and the eternal, the heart cannot resist and invariably recalls its theomorphic essence."
-From 'Beads of Faith', Fons Vitae
"Above the clouds of our day to day live there shines the ever-constant Sun of the Immutable Spirit. It is a rare joy to be reminded of the rare truth of the aphorisms contained in this beautiful book. Each of them is a ray of light that both illuminates and warms, and reveals the Path of Return."
- Barry McDonald, Managing Director, World Wisdom Books