John W. Kiser

John W. Kiser

Work History
Spent the year 1994-95 in St. Paul de Vence as part of a career change from business to writing
and farming

1981 -1994
President, Kiser Research Inc. Founded a consulting and brokering business in Washington DC which acquired rights to advanced technologies from the Russia and Eastern bloc countries.

Private consultant to US Department of State and writer on the technology potential of the Soviet bloc countries.

University of Chicago- MBA
Columbia University- MA European History
Goettingen University- German Studies
University of North Carolina- BA History
Languages: German, French, Russian

Publications- Articles
2000-07: “The Algerian Microcosm: Monks, Muslims and the Zeal of Bitterness,” Cistercian Studies Quarterly(38:3) 2003; “From Algeria to Iraq,” Marine Corps Gazette ( 6/06)

1975-1994: Numerous publications on Soviet bloc technology potential in Harvard Business Review, Foreign Policy Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post.

Publications -Books
1989- Communist Entrepreneurs; Franklin Watts, New York

1998- Stefan Zweig, Death of a Modern Man; PUM, University of Toulouse (in French)

2002- The Monks of Tibhirine: Faith, Love and Terror in Algeria; St Martin’s Press (winner of French Siloe Prize in 2006);

2008- Commander of the Faithful:The Life and Times of Emir Abd-el-Kader (1803-1883) Monkfish Books, Rhinebeck, NY

Chairman, William and Mary Greve Foundation, New York

Honorary Member, Urals Branch of Russian Academy of Science

Board of Trustees,World Council for Religion and Peace

Director, International Center for Religion and Diplomacy

Adjunct Fellow, Center for Advanced Studies in Culture, University of Virginia